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Frequently Asked Questions:

NBKArticles is an ad-free article directory.

What Are The Benefits to Authors Who Publish Articles On NBKArticles?

  1. NBKArticles provides an ad-free environment which allows you maximize the clickthrough rates on your articles by minimizing distractions.
  2. When a visitor views your full article, it is the only article they see on the page.
  3. NBKArticles allows you to use in-context, do-follow links which are typically much more powerful links than links within an author resource box.
  4. NBKArticle allows you to use multiple pen names.
  5. NBKArticles allows you to have your own Author Box next to each article where you can place advertising, product promotions, or your own optin box.
  6. NBKArticles allows you to embed videos that you host or that are hosted via a 3rd party provider (e.g. YouTube) within your articles.
  7. NBKArticles allows visitors to Tweet, Digg, or Like your articles WITHOUT leaving the page.
  8. NBKArticles actively builds and ranking every category. As you know a well optimized site + links coming back to specific pages = search engine rankings. In our case we aim to get every category into the top 10 on the search engines results pages. This is good news for you because our success will help spark more success for you.

How does NBKArticles Keep The Article Directory Ad-Free?
In order to keep NBKArticles ad-free, there is a small monthly fee for authors who wish to submit their articles to the NBKArticles article directory. NBKArticles does not pay authors for articles. If you are an author who charges a fee for your articles, do not submit them to the NBKArticles site.

How can I submit my articles to NBKArticles?
In order to submit articles to the NBKArticles article directory, authors and writers are required to subscribe to NBKArticles here.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Articles reviewed?
Assuming you have followed the NBKArticles guidelines for articles, articles are typically reviewed within 48 hours (2 business days). You will receive an email notification once your article has been approved or rejected.

What are the NBKArticles Submission Guidelines?
Before you submit your article, please check the current articles under your author account to make sure you have not already submitted it.

Article Title:
Maximum 100 characters.
Article: Minimum of 300 words. Maximum of 800 words.
Author Sidebar: This is your personal sidebar that appears next to your articles.  You can place advertising, product promotions, or your own optin box. You can have a different sidebar for each article.
Hyperlinks: 1 in-context link per every 150 words.
Author Resource Box: You can place an Author Resource Box at the end of each of your articles. They can be 5 lines and can contain up to 2 links (these are separate from the 1 link per 150 words rule in the body). You may have a different resource box for each article if you like.
Tags: You'll typically be able to use 5 - 8 tags per article.

How do I place links in my articles?
You can easily place links in your articles in one of two ways:

  1. You can place links in your articles with our easy to use editor.
  2. You can also use the HTML feature if you prefer.

What details can I use in the Author profile?
Image profile size: Your profile image can be 200x500 pixels. The file size must be 500 kb or less.
Author Name: The name that will hyperlink to your profile from the byline in your article.
Author Bio: Details you want visitors to know about you. You may use hyperlinks in this area.
Website: Link to your Website.
Twitter: Link to your Twitter page.
Facebook: Link to your FaceBook page.

Contact Details:
Only NBKArticles.com staff can access the database details of your contact information. We reserve the right to contact authors on occasion to provide information regarding updates to NBKArticles.com.

Copyright and Violations:
NBKArticles prohibits the use of copyrighted material in a manner that violates the copyright owner's rights. Authors should be aware that there is significant personal exposure if they are found to be in violation of copyright laws. Anyone who violates copyright law is legally liable and subject to possible

Prohibited Article Topics:

  • Articles related to porn
  • Personal Attack, Hate Speech
  • You cannot submit articles or use NBKArticles for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, or to promote or make solicitations for any illegal or unauthorized activity.

NBKArticles does not explicitly grant publishers the right to publish articles found on the NBKArticles site. If you would like to republish an article you find on the NBKArticles site, you will need to contact the Author to obtain permission to republish that article.

With NBKArticles you won't find the ridiculous amount of advertising "noise" you find on most of the other advertising directories

What Are The Benefits to the Visitors of Author NBKArticles?
NBKArticles provides an ad-free environment which allows you to get the information you need without distracting advertising.

How To Search NBKArticles
Searching the NBKArticles Directory You can search the NBKArticles by using the search box on the top of NBKArticles. After you search, NBKArticles provides you with a short list of article titles and opening paragraphs. From there you can either read a full article from that list or select "view all results" to see the rest of the articles that match the subject for which you are looking.

After you perform your search, you will also see an advanced search menu, where you can refine your search.

How To Search NBKArticles by categories

You can easily navigate NBKArticles by selecting a category/subcategory you are interested in. You then have the ability to filter your results based on keywords in the article titles.

Articles Categories